Truck Finance Rates

Truck Finance Rates

Trucks play a vital role in a country’s economy, making it possible for goods, materials and other products that cannot be transported by any other means to reach different locations. Trucking is therefore an established business throughout the world, Australia included.

Trucking business requires a lot of capital investment. This is because trucks are utility vehicles designed for specific purposes. For this reason, they are expensively priced and outright buying of the same is impossible even by established truckers. This necessitates the need to look for truck finance and various companies and firms in Australia provide the necessary financing although at varied Truck Finance Rates.

Although Australian banks have traditionally been the main sources of truck finance, the companies and firms that have come up have become popular with truckers. This is because they are specific in their operations. They only serve the needs of truckers and with their knowledge and experience in trucking business; they understand the trucking business and know what challenges truckers go through. Most of these companies offer same day approval for financing with no requirement for a trucker to pay any financing deposit. A trucker is also not obligated to pay any account maintenance fee, making it possible to receive financing at reasonable Truck Finance Rates.

These companies offer varied truck financing options that Australian truckers an take advantage of and increase their fleet. The options include:

Hire purchase loans – This is an arrangement where a finance company purchases trucks on behalf of a trucker. A trucker then takes possession of trucks from a company under hire purchase terms, using the trucks while making regular fixed payments to a company for an agreed period.

Chattel Mortgage – This is where a finance company extends the necessary funds to trucker who goes ahead to purchase required trucks. However, the financing company places a mortgage charge on the trucks. A trucker is obligated to pay determined regular payments to the company for an agreed period.

Lease – This is where a trucker approaches a truck dealer with the aim of obtaining the necessary truck finance. A truck dealer releases trucks required to a trucker at ascertained Truck Finance Rates, which a trucker is obligated to pay for a determined period. Depending on the type of lease, a trucker may take full ownership of trucks at the end of lease period.

Although choosing the right truck financing option can be a challenge to a trucker, the aim should be to choose an option that offers low Truck Finance Rates that a trucker will service comfortably.

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