3 Responses to “Suze Orman discusses student debt at the Remaking America Panel Student Loan Forgiveness”

  1. Will C says:

    This video is utterly important to understand the dangers of Federal
    Student Loans if they are not consolidated to pay off the original lenders
    whom which are backed by the Government. If not otherwise consolidated then
    they have every opportunity to inflate the amount of debt one has incurred
    through Federal Student Loans and the interest rates do not stop even when
    deferred. Unless consolidated there will not be any Federal benefits such
    as Forgiveness and capped interest rates. If defaulted then they will sky
    rocket due to the fees collection companies charge. We are seeing 14k in
    fees on a 64k defaulted student loan. Not to mention that they will also
    garnish wages and seize bank accounts and any property or estate will
    ultimately inherit the debt in form of a lien that will be subordinated
    prior to the sale of said property. Consolidate your student loans now
    before the programs are no longer available. Once consolidated there will
    be so many additional benefits that are not associated with the original

  2. Leinart Law Firm says:

    #studentloans #studentdebt #debthelp 

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