Small Business Finance. 9- Cash Flow Forecast Small Business Finance is a series of short video tutorials explaining financial forecasting and reporting. The series is aimed…
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6 Responses to “Small Business Finance. 9- Cash Flow Forecast”

  1. Krisztina Takács says:

    Hi Peter,
    I really loved this tutorial series.
    I hope that in the next future there will be a way to see the following
    lessons you mentioned in the videos.
    If it is a payed solution also please let me know!
    Thanks again, great material, easy to understand, nice to learn from. :-)

  2. Josh L says:

    Hi, these tutorials are great! where is number 10?

  3. stephen ss says:

    Hi thnx for the tutorial. i m business student preparing cash budget i m
    very much confused how to include opening bank overdraft and opening trade
    receivables i mean which category income or loan or opening balance. plz
    help me with both opening overdraft and trade receivables how to add ?

    Thnx in advance.

  4. Peter Cameron says:

    Thanks for the comment Rob. I’ll be tackling projected P/L accounts and the
    dreaded balance sheet next. I notice that your channel has some great
    advice for SMEs so I’ve subscribed.

  5. shojimujo says:

    Thanks for the series. It was very helpful. Looking forward to future

  6. Rob Warlow says:

    Useful overview on how to construct a cashflow forecast for those who are
    not familiar with it.

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