9 Responses to “Should we consolidate son’s $100k loans?”

  1. Chlorophant says:

    I would pay half a million for a degree in philosophy. Treating college
    like an investment is foolish. 

  2. bigscottlarock says:

    I hope those two idiots get stuck with every penny of that $100,000. Two
    morons raised a moron. 

  3. ncatstate says:

    A 100K degree in philosophy??? He should have just gone to law school
    instead. That seems like the most likely career path of someone who
    is strong in debate. At least he would be earning a decent salary to repay
    his loans. Philosophy?!?!? Wow.

  4. Chronofusion says:

    I can damn sure think of something MORE INTELLIGENT to do with 100k student
    loan than to put it towards philosophy, like a TRADE career that will
    ALWAYS be in demand REGARDLESS of the location on this planet REGARDLESS of
    the technological innovations that could affect it, REGARDLESS of what
    polishedticians would dictate about such a market.

    Like Anything to do with electrical engineering for example.

    Electric car, tesla model s for example, + the CORRECTLY installed and
    mounted and CORRECT sized wind turbine charging system=damn near or right
    at FREE fuel for life after the initial first or 2nd charges.

    How about THAT for a true technological revolution. It’s just one more
    piece of true american freedom. Thus it is a part of the ultimate prize in

  5. TheRcdbrkr says:

    He needs to learn the words, “Do you want fries with that?” It’s hard
    enough for people with useful degrees to get a job. These morons with art
    history or poly sci or philosophy or English or whatever don’t stand a
    chance in today’s market.

  6. Jaime Ness says:

    When I was 18 I joined the US Navy…..why?…..because I couldn’t afford
    to go to college. I did my 4 years and got out. I got a $50k college fund
    from the Navy for signing up and having a high asvab score. I graduated
    with a bachelors degree and no debt. It is amazing how life works out when
    you take control of your life.

  7. sidharth chand says:

    have him go to community college and get a paralegal degree

  8. huntfish1968 says:

    Good luck getting a job with a philosophy degree. Hope he likes waiting
    those tables, he will be doing it awhile.

  9. Diabolic says:

    So many idiots on this planet…

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