PLACES TO INVEST MONEY (PEER TO PEER LENDING P2P LENDING) – CLICK HERE to Learn how to make a FULL TIME income from home using the power of Amazon .com Hey folks I wanted to talk to you a little about peer to peer…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Don’t let your financial situation or poor credit score scare you from the world of real estate investing. Creative real estate investing represents the most likely…

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  1. peterglynnfilms says:

    Thanks , Zero. Comin’ at cha!

  2. James Wood says:

    If the bank won’t loan you funds, chances are very good that P2P sites will
    also not lend you funds. Also, if your credit is wrecked, you likely won’t
    get approved. Basically, this is a new but legit business model that seeks
    to make loans to people that are likely to pay them back.

    The advantage for borrowers, especially those that have credit card debt,
    is often lower interest rates. P2P sites do not have to keep high
    overhead brick and mortar store fronts or large payrolls to connect
    borrowers and investors. 

  3. zerofatzreturns says:
  4. TheMCXII says:

    I like what you’re saying and your positive energy as well as your clear
    down to earth delivery and short speach but your tittle is a bit misleading.

  5. Jay Bade says:

    okay so how do i start investing without any credit or money again?

  6. dreamingcode says:

    General horse shit and cliches. I need to charge people on how to be an
    astronaut. “Think high, nothing in outer space is off limits. You can
    literally broaden your horizons with space travel. Don’t take off your
    helmet once you do. There is no air in space. Avoid the sun. Why? Because
    it’s hot”! Now pay me…

  7. Mary Stead says:

    Excellent information and well presented. I totally agree and wish I had
    heard this years ago. Thank you

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