Confession of Former Social Democrat in the Government on Why Poor People keep Suffering – My Fight for Prosperity –

Liberal Socialist

My Fight For Financial Prosperity – Social Democrat

Former Marxist Admits Mistakes by the Social Democratic Party After Working For Social Democratic Government.

Former Marxict admits Mistakes by Social Democrat

Why Poor People keep Suffering.

Former Marxist Admits Lack of Care by Liberal Socialists in the Government.

Marxist No More After Working For Federal Government.

Social Democrat

Social Democrat Sowell

Mr. Sowell is a self admitted former Marxist, however today he is the furthest thing from a Marxist.
To understand more about him, his incredible journey, and the evolution of his ideas, highly recommends
reading of his book Personal Odyssey. This video is a small excerpt from FoxNews.

My Fight For Financial Prosperity – Marxist No More After Working For Democrat Federal Government.


My Fight For Financial Prosperity – Marxist No More After Working For Federal Social Democrat

Government. on Social Democrat.

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