14 Responses to “How I Racked Up $20,000 in Credit Card Debt”

  1. eurojane72 says:

    LMBO!!!! I feel like some H-BBQ! 

  2. ModPrimate says:

    Was this episode sponsored by L&L Hawaiian BBQ? :-)

  3. Patrick Takada says:

    yo just have 20 k more duh

  4. Thrillseekers Anonymous says:


  5. courtneyhood says:

    Hawaiian BBQ ftw!!!

  6. Lawrence Theriot says:

    Married 44 years, thinking you’re on the right track!

  7. neuralcircuit says:

    Yep, also here because Daily Grace liked and the title made me curious.

    Racking up debt is so easy. On the other hand saving money is really hard
    and it takes time (years) to amount to something. Having any savings does
    give a lot more satisfaction than having debts though !

  8. Love, Food & Money says:
  9. Miranda Perry says:

    You’ve inspired me to seek out Hawaiian BBQ this weekend.

  10. MrELKICKER says:

    Subscribed… you’re very funny

  11. John Lorenzo says:

    lol omg, just reminded to start saving again.

  12. Olivia Fowler says:

    Funniest thing ive seen in a long time! :’)

  13. Derlis Leyva says:

    Daily grace liked this video and I can see why!! Ur funny

  14. conrad adams says:

    LnL hawaiian barbeque!!!

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