Debt Management from Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

Debt Management is not easy. Consolidated Credit Counseling Services can help you get a handle on your debt, whether it be from credit cards, school, starting your own business, medical bills,…
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3 Responses to “Debt Management from Consolidated Credit Counseling Services”

  1. alejandro velas says:

    Tengan mucho cuidado con esta ¨ Empresa¨ si usted se atraza un pago pierde
    todo, no le devuelven un centimo.

  2. CarsonDanfield says:

    Great!!!Very interesting and informative video…

  3. RODikUlus says:

    I had 20K in debt about 15 years ago, and this place did a great job of
    talking to my various creditors to 0%, and only 1 of them wouldn’t go to
    0%. I was saving more than 400 a month with my consolidated payment to
    C.C.C.S., and used that extra $ to save and pay off the creditor who didn’t
    want to go to 0%. After I paid them, my CCCS payment went down even more,
    and today, after finishing the program, my credit score is A+

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