25 Responses to “Dateline NBC – Credit Card Debt Trap Part 1 of 10”

  1. bulmer13 says:

    Funny Elizabeth Warren is so concerned about debt when the government she
    represents has extended us beyond our means…

  2. Jose Linares says:

    going in debt to buy a bunch of shiny shit to impress your peers is not the
    key to happiness; money is a means to an end, not a way of life

  3. Jonathan Troy says:

    Put down the Twinky and credit cards and step away. I know the Twinky and
    credit cards victimized you, but put them down.

  4. Jose Linares says:

    the american dream LOL

  5. Adam DeMamp says:

    Part 1 of Dateline’s Credit Card Debt Trap.
    I encourage you watch all 10 parts.

  6. KaisyuVadin says:

    $2,000,000+ bills WTFH

  7. alexeykh says:

    I’m no holier-than-thou “conservative” either, or one of those
    heathen-pinko liberals. Even collectively, our debt is nothing compared to
    the government. Who sets the standards? Whether Republicrat or Demoblican,
    both of your own Congressmen voted in the biggest piece of socialism ever –
    $700 billion of it and rising. Fannie Mae is even saying it didn’t get
    enough of our future earnings.

  8. crysta2k2 says:

    @odinmp5 Yep. Isn’t it pathetic? We pay all of this money to our insurance
    companies….and they turn around and screw us in the butthole (not even
    considerate enough to use lube….lol). And what can we do about it?
    Absolutely nothing. This is one scary country now.

  9. odinmp5 says:

    @crysta2k2 at the time i read your comment , i have heard of another u.s
    friend, who paid taxes for 37 years , is a very good person and worked his
    ass off , since he was 14. he is in a wheelchair, lost home and savings
    since the insurance company only covered a fraction of his treatment costs.
    he is living with friends and thanks to that he is having trouble
    collecting any kind of benefit. he got screwed in the ass, no lube . peace
    to you.

  10. Jonzen77 says:

    Wow more than 2 million for chems that is highly toxic. Hmm i woulda taken
    the other treatments but i guess this was the only treatment that the
    insurance covered. Anyway taking up creditcard debt to finance your way of
    living is like pissing in the pants at -10 degrees to stay warm. Wich i
    havent heard anyone do in a long time. I mean when your short on money why
    not restructure your life 2-3 months before the creditors comes knocking ?
    Then atleast you can start over from 0.

  11. 1973mazdarx4coupe says:

    if youre stupid enough to use a credit card, you deserve to be fucked

  12. likemachinesdo says:

    @singapore7773 really? they wait just as long as we do. i’ve been to
    england where the had nhs and i broke my leg. i was in and out in two hours
    and paid nothing. whereas here, where i was coughing up blood, i had to
    wait 6 hours to see a doctor for two minutes. learn your facts.

  13. mjpitche says:

    Insurance should never “max out.” That’s bullshit. It’s insurance and it’s
    designed just for catastrophes like this! They are basically allowing
    people to die for a few extra bucks. The government shouldn’t have bailed
    anyone out, instead they should have taken that money and part of the
    section 8 and welfare money(SSI and all that bullshit) and help people like
    this lady’s son or make laws that force insurance companies to do what they
    are paid to do.

  14. TSoftOne says:

    There are tools to help get out of debts quickly. Get Credit Card Payoff
    app for Windows Phone from tsoftone.com to help set your payoff goal and
    you find how amazing it is to get out of debts quickly.

  15. goma3 says:

    $2 million for chemo? I am sorry, but the medical bills in the USA are just
    outrageous. There is absolutely no justification for such a price, even
    when you include doctors, nurses, pharma research. Something really needs
    to be done, people are being taken advantage when they are at their lowest

  16. DebtDoctor says:

    Scary stuff… Its hard to get out of debt once you are wrapped up in it.
    There is help, but its hard to find.

  17. Johnny Forcier says:

    Scott her son got cancer but that doesn’t mean you stop working.

  18. Aelfgeft says:

    Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid combined constitute 35 TRILLION
    dollars in unfunded liabilities. Let me say that again: $35,000,000,000,000
    between those three programs. And you’re babbling about libraries and
    public schools? Conservative my ass. You’re deflecting from both the known
    cost of our current entitlement programs, as well as the failure of
    socialized medicine systems, such as they have in the UK and Canada.

  19. stacys05 says:


  20. likemachinesdo says:

    @singapore7773 there’s shelters who feed and provide a home for them. why
    not help out those who need it rather than not? kids go to school for no
    cost. you check out books from the library with no cost and i’m sure you
    aren’t complaining about those things. look at the state of the economy and
    compare it to other countries who have universal health care and tell me
    again if that’s the problem. and why not ask the wealthy to actually pay
    their taxes fully like everyone else? that’d help.

  21. Aelfgeft says:

    I have never claimed that the health care system in the USA is anything but
    failing. I recognize that costs are sky-high, but I know that socialized
    medicine systems have done nothing to stem those costs in other countries.
    What we need is real reform, targeting things like malpractice lawsuits and
    the pointless laws preventing the sale of health insurance across state
    lines. Having the government merely say “we’ll pay for it” is one of the
    most fraudulent ideas pushed on the American people.

  22. Aelfgeft says:

    I’m closed-minded because I cite both the horrific service being delivered
    by government-run health care systems, and because I know that such systems
    are breaking down because the costs of running them through government
    bureaucracy are unsustainable? I love how people like you try to shut
    others up by calling them “closed minded”. Try an actual argument, rather
    than nothing more than name-calling and ad hominem. Oh wait…you can’t,
    because your arguments fail in practice…as I said.

  23. Aelfgeft says:

    If the family had lived in Canada, they likely would have been put on such
    a long waiting list for chemo that their son would have died before it was
    available. Their only option would be to come to the US and to pay the high
    prices. And there is no such thing as “FREE” health care. Nothing is free.
    It’s paid for through taxes, which you already acknowledged are high. How
    exactly would we be better with the government taking more of our paychecks
    when we have no money anyway?

  24. To the Paradise City on a NightTrain! says:

    The late George Carlin said it best when he said :”The American Dream:
    Because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

  25. Nebulized Narcosis says:

    who the hell buys groceries at target? No wonder shes in debt….hahahah jk

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