Consolidation Tantalizing

Consolidation Tantalizing

They say what ever you give is what you will get back in return: I say do what ever you do but desire the ability to learn. Fire burns, but it’s all that is promised to the demons, what ever you take, you provide back fully with two reasons. One is the quantity for this reason, therefore any other would be a lie.

Some return for the sake of love, while others reply for the sake of hate. Your first thought to this statement should be, what do I mean by FOR THE SAKE OF HATE. First of all I am willing to present to you two scenarios.

A man is being accompanied to the death seat (electric chair), on his way he gets a heart attack, he is saved by the doctors and nurses, brought back to life. Then what, he is walked back to the chair to be killed. My opinion to such situation will be associated, not to scorn at any, but catch a strong feeling. Now the trees took counsel and agreed to subdue the waters so they can overtake more land. the waters of the same counsel plotted to subdue the trees for the sake of more land. Unfortunately, fire devoured the trees, and the sand above the waters stopped the fire from getting to the water.

Now independence should be a proxy, a companion who strives for liberty, for all formations are either with you or against you. Life may banal but love enlivens happiness needed to create faith and hope for the future. A wise general fully repays his enemies for safety’s sake: The tress without notification could not escape the fire but desired to corrupt and posses, the sand above the ocean stood firm with the ocean supporting (full hearted) for a victory not appointed to the trees. In this case I say the ocean relys on the sand, so as the sand relies on the ocean. For their loyalty and sacrifice produced harmony. The tress of this manner had no dependent, for they could have survived. With this I lift up the phrase “Two are better than one”.

Now, to the first scenario: If judgment was to be summoned, I perceive all will be guilty that took part of the execution, except the victim. For out of love death offered a better way to die, but the world would not allow. So there unfolds a question form curiosity. Was the victim dead before his execution or did man actually out of passion slaughtered, without notice of mercy? Out of thought and experience I received a polished and bright understanding. For the answer lies within our hearts. Consider my point of view and give mind to humanitarianism, for it is the only way to capitulate this articulately.

God through mercy and forgiveness decided to help his servants, specifically the doctors and nurses. For no one can save from death but Him, and you ca not deny me. He heals while doctors take credit for his work and payment for his work. So I proceed it, God chose to give the victim life, but as soon as he did, man immediately destroyed it. In other means the true judge pronounced him innocent, but man by his own mind judged his kind, his brethren, and condemned him to death. For the true judge offered a second chance, which could not last, for swiftly evil prevailed. And out of bitterness destroyed the most perfect gift of the time. Now it should be clear that consciousness is the mother of morality, while experience is the sole father of morality. But morality is judge over consciousness, such objectives could be confusing. Therefore it requires understanding.

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