Business English Vocabulary Lesson for ESL – Finance & Accounting Vocabulary 2

Visit to download this video and others covering more business ESL vocabulary. This Business English video ESL lesson introduce…
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Jo Ryan, BPP subject specialist for business papers, provides an overview of how to develop good exam technique for Paper F9 questions.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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45 Responses to “Business English Vocabulary Lesson for ESL – Finance & Accounting Vocabulary 2”

  1. hani rfai says:

    Very useful….Thanks a lot

  2. Karla carrizales says:

    thank you, I’ve started to work in a international company, and you don’t
    know how this videos can help me!!!!!!!!!! Is a super great help to me
    ’cause I have to talk and do things in english, is a great support!!!!!!!
    thank you again!

  3. szrashid rasheed says:

    good support

  4. adelle0001 says:

    thanks once again for this video!

  5. lukisanmoses says:

    Thanks, very useful.

  6. TheEnglishTeacher4u says:

    I believe that you are mistaken.

  7. robotsdeforex says:

    Very helpful this business english. Thanks

  8. Ahmed Amin says:

    Thanks alot

  9. mmnikko says:

    This enables me to learn English and basic accounting terms quickly! Thanks!

  10. mydadfred says:

    this is perfect for my class. thank you so much. this is totally not an
    area i’m familiar with and my student asked to review some basic
    financial/accounting vocab. life saver! thanks!!

  11. lakshmi priya says:

    One thing I have understood in Life is, 1) If I think positive, I feel Good
    Immediately. 2) If I think negative, I feel Bad Immediately. Then I
    analyzed, what? is Thinking? Answer I found was “Thinking is just a play of
    words, words & words” Think about the word “Problem” and “Challenge”. Both
    say same thing, but the later feels good and former bad. Infact, I am using
    a iPhone called “iVocab” by Lokesh Hanumappa which helps me in a terrrifc
    way to learn words and track feelings of the words.

  12. 704happy says:

    Great effort. This is very useful for both native and non-native speakers.

  13. wljzh says:

    The video is very useful.but,I think there is a mistake in the video. A
    gross figure is a sum that includes all deductions. A net figure is a sum
    that does not includ any deducion.

  14. EnglischLernen says:


  15. عبدالله الهتمي says:

    very helpful

  16. Sabine Schnick says:

    THX! Helped me a lot to understand 🙂

  17. Sandra Bernard says:

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    money online!

  18. makeiteasyable says:


  19. cellcat says:

    @wljzh You’ve got that backwards.

  20. Maituongan Nguyen says:


  21. Francisco Cortés says:

    it’s an interesting share to study for my Bussiness English exam, thanks a
    lot =)

  22. Mohamed Qrayim says:

    I just want to tell how perfect is your job and how you merit all
    consideration and admire. Thank you so much for sharing this useful videos.
    Mohamed from Morocco

  23. Hiền Nguyễn says:

    thank you very much . This is really helpful!

  24. Amarcos Marcos says:

    This video will be a great complement to my classes. Thank you.

  25. saad zaheer says:


  26. 3V Learning Centre says:
  27. Brian Anderson says:

    Very good approach Jo; STEADFAST is my preferred type of revision. thank
    you ACCA for doing these videos

  28. lorato bojosi says:

    how do download these video?

  29. vicosu says:

    i guess i kno who the dislike came from lol

  30. nulia Mugadza says:

    at least u tried

  31. Abdulraoof M says:


  32. Muhammad Ali says:

    very helpful..!!

  33. Lawrence Mensah says:

    I hope this suport materials are going to assist me pass all my papers this

  34. TheWebes says:

    its impossible how many times she sais “then” its driving me crazy….then
    then then then

  35. M.Bilal Shaik says:

    @vicosu …..Lol hahaha its not me

  36. peterbahrain says:

    Very good video from ACCA .

  37. Tariro Mushore says:

    thank you

  38. Kashif Iqbal says:

    i don’t like her style of teaching……..

  39. Imran Khalid says:

    its a software just search in google for IDM, download and install after
    installation you see a bar showing download video from this page just click
    on it your downloading will start.

  40. wasif hashmi says:

    damn you ! now I can’t focus on whats she saying 😀

  41. adamzFundanga says:

    Good video,thanks.

  42. Dilukshan Manoharan says:

    Helpful Thank you

  43. Sydney Jere says:

    what is IDM please expand .i want to download this video

  44. Imran Khalid says:

    bro 1st install IDM then you can download it.

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